Activating Purpose to Accelerate your Customer Experience Transformation

Posted May 14, 2013 in Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Living the Brand, Whitepapers

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the role “purpose” plays in successful customer and employee experience transformation. Unlike traditional vision and mission statements, purpose connects the organization and its people to the organization’s core brand proposition, allowing employees to behave and make choices that are consistent with what the organization wants to stand for. Some organizations have done a good job of defining their “purpose”, but many we speak with continue to face the challenge of successfully activating and operationalizing purpose to fully realize the potential from their customer or employee experience initiatives.

Our latest whitepaper entitled “Activating Purpose to Accelerate Your Customer Experience Transformation” explores the four steps to successfully implementing and operationalizing purpose as a way to jumpstart your customer or employee experience efforts:

  • Getting senior leader alignment beginning with the CEOs
  • Planning to activate your purpose
  • Engaging the hearts and minds of employees
  • Letting purpose do its job

Download your free copy of the whitepaper here.

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