We engage employees to deliver your brand promise and design and activate experiences that improve business results and increase customer satisfaction.

Living the Brand

Is everyone aligned and acting in ways that keep your brand promise?
Your brand stands for something, but your employees likely don’t know the role they can play in delivering your brand promise. Working collaboratively with your team, we create a purpose statement and guidelines that reflect your brand, resonate with employees, and guide their actions and behaviours. Our Living the Brand activation programs engage everyone in your organization – front line employees, supporting roles, and leaders – to ensure they understand your brand, believe in it and commit to delivering the right experiences.

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Customer Experience Design

Have you designed your customer journey through your brand lens?
Today, a great customer experience isn’t enough. You need an experience that is unique to your brand. Using interactive sessions, we re-imagine your customer experience and define the ideal experience—one that delivers your brand promise. Our Customer Experience Blueprint clearly identifies key priorities to enable the organization to deliver the ideal experience and we work with you to activate and optimize that experience.

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Employee Experience Design

Do your employees feel the brand in their employee journey?
Leading organizations know that a great customer experience starts with engaged employees. Using collaborative ideation techniques, we re-imagine key elements of your employee journey to design an employee experience that reflects your brand promise and the experiences you expect employees to deliver to customers. Our Employee Experience Blueprint identifies key strategic priorities and we engage your employees to bring the experience to life.

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Our process ensures you get both smart thinking and great execution.

  • Discover

    We work hard to understand you, your brand and your customers. We leverage customer research, as well as employee and organizational insights. We dig deep to get to the root of your current experience and identify key challenges and opportunities.
  • Design

    We create experiences that reflect your brand and give meaning to every interaction in your organization – internally and externally. We validate those experiences and redefine processes to optimize the experience.
  • Activate

    We activate your people to ensure they understand, believe in and commit to delivering your brand promise. We implement and operationalize meaningful change in your organization to bring the experience to life.
  • Optimize

    We ensure change and ongoing improvements are sustainable by thinking about the way the organization functions. We ensure you have the tools you need to reinforce and support your branded experience throughout your organization.

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