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Posted June 23, 2012 in Customer Experience, In Conversation with..., Living the Brand

We recently met with Bruce Andrew, Vice President of Marketing for Shred-it Canada to get his views on Customer and Employee Experience. Bruce is a marketer who sees brand as having company-wide implications, since every aspect of the business serves one and only one purpose – to satisfy a customer. He is an advocate of designing and integrating service experiences into the core of a brand as a means of competitive differentiation and delivering on the promise a brand communicates to its customers.

Fifth P (5P): Let’s start by asking you to complete the following statement: “Customer experience is . . .”

Bruce Andrew (BA): Customer experience is how the customer “feels” throughout the end to end journey they have with an organization. It isn’t that you just got it right during the transaction by making it easy and seamless, it is that every aspect of their interaction goes above and beyond to make them feel special.

5P: Similarly, please complete the following statement: “Employee experience is . . .”

BA: Employee experience is the great feeling an employee has beyond just doing a really good job. It is about their sense of fulfilling a “noble cause” beyond their day to day tasks. If we expect employees to be good servants to customers, you better be good servants as an employer in terms of how you create the culture for an employee in which they can live and thrive. Your inside needs to match your outside and the work you do has much greater meaning than simply getting from A to B.

5P: Can you share any evidence that Cx delivering bottom line results?

BA: The best evidence you can point to broadly in the market are the results of those organizations who have an almost legendary reputation for delivering a great customer and employee experience. Look at Four Season’s Hotels, look at Amazon, look at WestJet and you can see on virtually any key dimension you care to measure that points to success of implementing both customer experience and employee experience successfully.

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