Driving Growth and Profitability through your People and your Brand

Posted June 22, 2012 in Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Living the Brand, Whitepapers

Customer Experience has become a high priority in organizations across every market sector as leaders challenge virtually every aspect of their business. This has meant a real mind shift requiring organizations to:

  • view their brand as a system within their organization and not merely a tagline or marketing communication
  • break down internal silos that often prevent the holistic view of the direct and indirect “proof points” of the experience from being realized,
  • acknowledge and embrace the important role human interactions play in enabling organizations to become who they say they are.

Fifth P recently co-hosted an interactive leadership forum with LEVEL5 Strategy Group on the topic of “Driving Growth and Profitability through your People and your Brand”. The forum attracted executives from the education, financial services, hospitality, and transportation sectors. The result is a Whitepaper which explores the questions:

  • What’s a brand, really?
  • What is the relationship between brand, customer, and employee?
  • Why is it important to design the ideal Customer and Employee Experience?
  • How do I measure the ROI after optimizing the employee, brand, customer continuum?

Download your free copy of the whitepaper here.