Employee Journey Mapping: Living Your Brand on the Inside

Posted April 1, 2015 in Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Living the Brand, Whitepapers

There is a lot of buzz being generated lately about how organizational culture and employee engagement are inextricably linked to customer experience.  It seems organizations across many industries are asking the same question we at Fifth P ask on a daily basis, “how can you expect your employees to deliver your brand promise to your customers when you aren’t delivering it to them?”

In our latest whitepaper, entitled “Employee Journey Mapping: Living Your Brand Promise on the Inside”, we share how you can build your culture around your brand and get the level of engagement from your employees that will inspire and motivate them to be your greatest brand advocates.

The whitepaper explores employee journey mapping and outlines the key stages of an employee journey, as well as five steps to successfully implement a brand employee journey:

  1.  Start with your brand
  2.  Select an area of focus
  3.  Design the Ideal Employee Experience
  4.  Create a blueprint for success
  5.  Activate the experience

Download your free copy of the whitepaper here.

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